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TEN ARGUMENTS by A. Emmanuel Leadon
April 2022 at Arts Mission Oak Cliff 


written by A. Emmanuel Leadon
Conceived by Nick Leos
Directed by Kelli J. Howard & Nick Leos

DATES: April 8 &9 (Friday and Saturday) at 8pm, Tech starts Sunday April 3rd

REHEARSALS: Start March 1st, 4-5 rehearsals a week

PAY: $150 for rehearsals & performances

LOCATION: Rehearsals & performances will take place at Arts Mission Oak Cliff

Part sketch comedy, part social commentary --a new play from a local playwright A. Emmanuel Leadon. Framed loosely by the book Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier, this show taps into the darker, more paranoid side that comes with social media use. The tone of the play feels like MadTV crossed with The Colored Museum by George C. Wolfe. The show is a work of fiction and takes us on a journey to see the effects of social media in our everyday lives. 

We are looking for a group of 5-7 comedians versatile in impressions/voices. Character breakdown listed below. Script available for perusal upon request. Show will be a mix of live performance & filmed sketches. This is an in work script so some changes can still happen. 

To be considered: please send headshot/recent photo & resume/performance work to

If considered, audition sides will be e-mailed to you with instructions.  


Roles available *exact role assignments likely to change in rehearsal*

Actor (A) - OPEN RACE, OPEN ETHNICITY, OPEN GENDER, plays teens - 80’s
Sunday (13), Boobah (Kayla’s Parent, late 20s-early 30s)

Actor (B) - OPEN RACE, OPEN ETHNICITY, OPEN GENDER, plays teens - 30’s
Saturday (age 16, Sunday’s brother), Shaun King (30s)

Grace (15), Nicki Minaj (Barbz), Babbah (Kayla’s parent, late 20’s-early 30s), Bessie May (80’s) 




Actor (E) - WHITE, OPEN ETHNICITY, OPEN GENDER, plays teens - 80’s
Morgan (teens) (, Post Malone (Grapevine’s golden boy!), Lacy (40’s), Ballot Worker (open age), Dov (20’s)


Actor (F)- BLACK, AFRO-LATINE/HISPANIC, INDIGENOUS, OPEN GENDER,  Barb (open age), Iggy Azalea (yup, same one you’re thinking of), Johnson, Strong Voiceover Artist


Actor (G) OPEN RACE, OPEN ETHNICITY, OPEN GENDER, Pope Francis (like that pope), Kayla (6), Bender (boss to lacy and johnson, 50s), Strong Voiceover Artist


At this time, these roles are not cast to certain performers and are available either as live, voice over or taped.
- Teacher - Stage Parent - Charli XCX - Kim Kardashian - Fred Durst - Trevor Noah

- Tamera Mowry  - Jeannie Mai - Dave Ramsey - Voice Actor - Automated Operator

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