Stockwell Playhouse

July 19-21, 2018

Shakespeare's sprawling, gender-bending, genre-defying masterpiece was brought to life in an adaptation by Nick Leos and devised by the Company. The action was teleported from the Ancient World to the streets of 1970s NYC. 

This reimagined Antony & Cleopatra was a story about the role of women in power, the loss of love, the abuse of power, and the toll of celebrity.

Katriona Brown as Enobarbus
Dominic Charman as Charmian
Gabrielle De Saumarez-Taylor as Alexas/Diomedes/Others
Frederick Di Rosa as Agrippa
Anna Fontaine as Lepidus/Ambassador/Snake Handler
Nyiri Karakas as Octavia/Dolabella/Others
Rory Moncaster as Menas/Proculeius/Others
Larisa Muñoz as Caesar
Molly Murphy as Maceneas/Canidius/Others
Jo Neubert as Mardian/Scarus/Others
George Ronayne as Antony
Francesca Sales as Pompey/Iras/Others
Henry Thompson as Messenger/Eros/Others
Paul Brayward as Soothsayer/Thidias/Others
Yoko Williams as Cleopatra

Directed by Nick Leos
Set Design and Scenic Art: Sylvia Spyratou and Laura Arroyo-Rocha
Costume Design: Joanna Lantzanakis
Sound Design: Alex Woolley

Lighting Design: Klay Brackney-Wandelear
Poster Design: Matt Leos
Assistant Director: Daniela Stirbulov

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